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The finished cars and trucks are then exported out of Mexico.

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Q: How many U. A: The statistics can be deceiving. About 40 percent of the more than 3, maquilas are U. Another 47 percent are Mexican-owned, however, most of those companies are subsidiaries of U. It is safe to say about 90 percent of the maquilas trace their parentage to U. Q: How do maquiladoras benefit U. A: The primary advantage for a U. Other advantages include more favorable labor law in Mexico and fewer union-driven work rules.

In other instances, maquilas fill jobs that U. Assembly line operations that require nothing more than simple hand work for eight hours a day frequently go unfilled in the United States. Q: What are the effects on the economies of the United States and Mexico? In the United States, the maquila industry has allowed U. Without the maquila industry, many U. Instead, shifting production to Mexico allows U. Labels: Maquilas México.

Binational Health and Maquiladoras. Together we must continue to build on the solid foundation set by Binational Health Week, and make a commitment to go even further, understanding that San Diego and Tijuana are not two separate cities; rather we are one border region.

DOF - Diario Oficial de la Federación

Klau-ber first introduced the idea of a Binational family planning and primary health care program, he noted that we share the same water and breath the same air as our neighbors to the south. The San Diego-Tijuana border is crossed more often than any other in the world. Every day 40, automobiles cross the San Ysidro border. The border is not a divider between two cultures, but a part of our interdependent community.

Using the best practices of each organization, we aimed to reduce the rate of unplanned pregnancy and STIs, and improved overall health. Planned Parenthood modeled its Promotores Pro Salud program after the highly successful health delivery system widely used in Mexico.

We are pleased to see that the program is as effective in the United States as it is in Mexico. Today, there are eight clinics in Tijuana neighborhoods, serving 18, residents. The Mexican organization also operates maquiladora-based clinics where workers can receive cervical cancer screenings, birth control, and supplies at the factories where they are employed. PPSDRC and Fronteras Pro Salud have enjoyed a successful partnership for twenty years and look forward to continuing the collaboration for many years to come.

Binational Health Week is a wonderful opportunity to reach Latinos with important health services and information.

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It must also serve as an opportunity for health care providers and advocates to reach beyond the border and strengthen the relationships they have with our counterparts to the south. Because when we do, our entire community benefits. Pittsburgh Oct. We need a new business model that invests in workers and invests in communities. Ugarte commented, "We feel inspired to take this step based on our common set of values with the Steelworkers who have proved time and again that the future belongs to those who connect vision and values to people and put all three first.

We are excited about working with Mondragon because of our shared values, that work should empower workers and sustain families and communities," Gerard added. The full text of the Agreement is available here. MONDRAGON began its activities in in the Basque town of Mondragon by a rural village priest with a transformative vision who believed in the values of worker collaboration and working hard to reach for and realize the common good.

Today, with approximately , cooperative members in over cooperative enterprises present in more than forty countries; MONDRAGON Corporation is committed to the creation of greater social wealth through customer satisfaction, job creation, technological and business development, continuous improvement, the promotion of education, and respect for the environment.

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In , MONDRAGON Corporation reached annual sales of more than sixteen billion euros with its own cooperative university, cooperative bank, and cooperative social security mutual and is ranked as the top Basque business group, the seventh largest in Spain, and the world's largest industrial workers cooperative.

Labels: Cooperativas. A group of workers in Honduras managed to prevent the closure of an assembly plant manufacturing sportswear for the U. But workers at the Vaqueros Navarra firm in the southern Mexican state of Puebla, which produces garments for several U. These cases represent the warp and weft of the textile sector in Mexico and Central America, which has been hit hard by the economic recession in the United States, the source of its largest orders for clothing. The frontline victims here, however, are women workers.

The companies take advantage of young people, by taking them on without contracts and without social security for an initial trial period, and when that time is up they fire them," Rosa Galicia, of the Guatemalan Association of Employed and Unemployed Women United against Violence, told IPS. Some , women work in garment-making maquiladoras in Mexico, and another , in Central America.

Maquiladoras are tax-exempt factories with subsidised water and electricity that assemble goods for the export market. Because of the economic crisis, Mexico has lost , jobs in this sector, while in the Central American region over 99, jobs have been done away with. Women workers have born the brunt of the layoffs in both cases.

Honduras was the worst hit, with 36, jobs lost in , followed by Nicaragua which has lost 30, jobs since Enormous growth in textile maquiladoras took place in northern Mexico in the s, encouraged by plentiful cheap labour and the proximity of the United States, the principal market.

But after , dozens of maquiladoras closed down, moved to Central America, or relocated half a world away in countries like China, attracted by even lower costs, efficient logistics and secure markets. DR-CAFTA member countries can import cloth and thread from North America, tariff-free, to manufacture garments that are then exported back to the country of origin of the materials. Mexican textile exports to the U. Department of Commerce. Central American exports shrank by 21 percent, while those of its main competitor, China, decreased by only four percent.

All it has done is finance trade unions that are aligned with it," said Carla López of Nicaragua, head of the Central American Women's Fund, about the textile sector in her country. In Mexico, maquiladoras pay a daily wage of at least eight dollars, nearly twice the official minimum wage. In Central America, monthly pay may reach between and dollars, for example at a Costa Rican electronics assembly factory for the U. In Honduras, the labour rights situation appears to have deteriorated since the Jun.

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Alternatives to the exploitative practices of the maquiladoras have sprung up, like the Dignidad y Justicia Dignity and Justice factory in Piedras Negras, in the northern Mexican state of Coahuila. This cooperative was founded in by a group of women who had been fired from maquiladoras in the area.

The business is jointly owned by its workers, the non-governmental Border Committee of Women Workers, and the U.

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Labels: América Central , Maquilas Mundo. Lucha Obrera en Maquiladora Pacifico. Desde el pasado jueves se dieron cuenta de que algo extraño pasaba en la empresa y este viernes decidieron manifestarse saliendo de las instalaciones, pero sin dejar que los propietarios saquen la maquinaria y el equipo. Se trata de una empresa que fabrica puntas para lanzas, y uno de los empleados, Socorro Urías, explicó que desde hace una semana dejaron de trabajar, al parecer los directivos sólo les dijeron que no había producción.

Los empleados manifestaron que hay abogados tratando la situación y negociando; lo que esperan es que la empresa no intente evadir sus obligaciones y se vaya sin pagar las liquidaciones correspondientes. No comments:. Labels: Maquilas Tijuana. Maquiladora Sony Tijuana, June TIJUANA — After months of layoffs and losses in the maquiladora industry, Baja California officials are celebrating the announcement this week that Sony is adding 1, positions to its work force in Tijuana, hailing it as a hopeful sign of the sector's recovery.

Sony's decision to expand in Tijuana follows the company's announcement last month that it is shutting down an LCD television manufacturing plant in Mexicali, one of five Sony factories being shuttered worldwide. Alfonso Alvarez Juan, Baja California's subsecretary for economic development, said Wednesday that the investments are signs of recovery in the city's maquiladora sector, which has struggled with a drop in U. Sony's expansion in Tijuana is the result of moving operations from the Mexicali plant and another closed facility in Pittsburgh to Tijuana, Alvarez said.

A spokeswoman for Sony in San Diego said company officials would not be available for interviews this week.

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DOF 10 mayo England, Paula Emerging theories of care work. Annual Review of Sociology. Volume Esquivel, Valeria Care in Households and Communities. Ganster, Paul y Hamson, Dana Recursos para los servicios de guarderías y planificación familiar en la industria mexicana maquiladora.

Institute for Regional Studies of the Californias.

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San Diego State University. Grijalba, Gabriela y Covarrubias, Alejandro Las mujeres en la maquila. Trabajo, instituciones de apoyo y organización sindical. Grosman, Cecilia El valor de legislar sobre el cuidado infantil. Revista Desafios. Cuidado Infantil y licencias parentales. ISSN Tesis de Maestría en Desarrollo Social. Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila. Metodología de la Investigación.

McGraw Hill. ISBN: IMSS a. IMSS b. Norma Disposiciones para la operación del servicio de guardería. IMSS c. Encuesta Nacional de Satisfacción a Usuarios de Guarderías. IMSS INEGI ISBN 6. Jenson, Jane Who cares? Gender and Welfare Regimes. Social Politics. Cuidado Infantil en México.